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Career Selection and Goal Setting Programme

  • The programme is designed in such a way to channelize students in the right direction to achieve their career goals so that they prepare for their academic and entrance exams with sincerity and dedication without any deviation.
  • The programme, through a Psychometric based Career and Personality Assessment Questionnaire (CPAQ) test helps to find out their suitable career choice and personality type.
  • Based on the results obtained from the CPAQ test, students will be given individual and the Interactive Career Counselling Sessions with our experts from various disciplines.
  • The session enlightens them on various career opportunities available in India, UG-PG courses, entrance and competitive examinations and about their ambitious new technological studies.
  • The students were provided free access and usage of our APP "Blooms Academy" which will provide them free model questions on all entrance examinations, details of reputed colleges, national institutions, emerging courses, daily updates on all competitive and entrance examinations.

Online Career and Personality Assessment Questionnaires Programme (CPAQ)

(Each of them has Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions. The choices of answers are the tools used to assess the student.) By sincerely attending our online Career and Personality Assessment Questionnaire Test (CPAQ), students can able to identify their "Best Suitable Career" and their present "State of Personality" within 45 minutes.

Online Interactive Q & A Session with Parents and Students

This session helps students and parents to clarify all their doubts regarding their career option obtained from the test results of CPAQ and details about a particular course, college / institution and procedures methods and benefits of specific courses in India and Abroad.