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Photoshop And CorelDRAW Training

The demand for DTP operators is increasing due to the growing need for digital and print media in various industries such as advertising, publishing, and marketing. Moreover, with the rise of digital media platforms, there is also a growing demand for DTP operators who can create digital content such as e-books, online magazines, and social media graphics.

This training helps first time accused prisoners to come out and get an opportunities for entrepreneurship and start their own Design studios and DTP centres. The computer and design skills will also fetch immediate work opportunities for professionally trained people who can work and earn Rs.15,000 to 20,000 per month.

The institution has specialized trainer, Mr.S Deepak Kumar conducts the training programme under the able guidance of the Director P Malathy

Duration of the Course :

20 - 25 Days

Number of Participants :

30 Participants

Education Qualification Required :

10th or 12th standard pass or fail

Experience of the trainer :

5+ years of experience in the Computer Industry

Current Organization of Trainer :

Working as a trainer in leading training institute

Training Modules to be covered :

1. Computer Fundamentals 
2. Print Layout Design 
3. Basics of MS Office and Paint 
4. Basics of Adobe Photoshop Software 
5. Basics of Corel Draw Software 
6. Photo editing and graphics 
7. Formatting and Proof reading